General Information

The Dominican Republic with its capital city in Santo Domingo is located in the eastern part of the Haiti Island and is the second big country on the Caribbean Sea. The country has about 8 million inhabitants, 70% of mulattos, 15% of white people and 11% of black people. The dominant religion in Dominican Republic is Catholicism and the official language is Spanish. The majority of area comprise mountains. In the middle part of the country, there are the Central Mountains (Cordillera Central). The highest peak is Duarte which is also the highest point in the Antilles. In the north, east and southwest, at the border with Haiti, there are smaller mountain ranges, which are divided by wide lowlands like the Cibao Valley.

The Haiti island, discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, was first colonized by Spanish settlers. In the 17th century, its western part was given to France. The rest was the Spanish colony San Domingo which was later also under French rule. In 1821, San Domingo proclaimed its independence as the Dominican Republic. Nevertheless, in 1822 it was again under the rule of the Republic of Haiti and was a part of it till 1844 when Juan Pablo Duarte fought successfully for its independence. The Dominican Republic was ruled by dictators through the major part of its history and the only exceptions were short periods of a democratic rule. The first democratically chosen government in the history of the country came to power in 1978.

The best known region in the Dominican Republic is the Southern Coast known for its white beaches and small and picturesque towns with rich local color and a very nice atmosphere. The southeastern coast, so called “coconut coast” is mainly known for beautiful, wide beaches overgrown by palms and many high-standard hotels . The Samana Peninsula is a green and mountainous region with lots of exotic plants, wonderful sandy bays and charming waterfalls. On the other hand, the northern coast called “ the amber coast” is very popular among water sports lovers and those making trips to the hinterland of the country.

The Dominican Republic has been one of the most popular Caribbean holiday resorts for many years. It is not only due to its beautiful beaches, the sun and its diversity of the landscape. A very important role play Dominicans themselves who are very open and friendly towards their guests and are always eager to help. Moreover, tourists visiting their country may also see their amazing happiness of life. The country is also so amazing due to its unbelievable diversity. Every tourist will find here a place in which they will feel wonderful, no matter weather they like places bustling with tourists or whether they are looking for peace and quiet during their trips to quiet and picturesque places or during their lonely walks along the beach.