General Information

Mexico is a federal republic located in North and Central America, on the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. It borders USA to the north and along the Rio Bravo del Norte (Rio Grande) River and to the south it borders Guatemala and Belize. Mexico is a mountainous and a hilly country and the Mexican coast attracts tourists with its beautiful sandy beaches and a very well- developed tourist infrastructure.

This country has more than 100 million inhabitants whose language is mainly Spanish. The majority of them are Catholics.

It is a country of diverse culture, picturesque landscapes, which delights its guests with various monuments, sounds, tastes and scents. There is no other country in the world, where the history and magical rites coincide so often with the grayness of everyday. Mexico is so varied, that while visiting its different regions tourists may have a feeling of passing the borders of different countries. The North with the Californian Peninsula is known for deserts, high mountains and deep canyons. North-west of the capital city there are the best monuments of the colonial architecture. Central and South Mexico and the coast of the Mexican Bay are the regions most often visited by tourists due to their preserved ruins of pre-Columbian buildings.

In the north Mexico is divided form the USA by a strip of barren soil spreading for 3,140 kilometers. It is probably the only place on the Earth where so called the First and the Third Worlds meet. The border between southern Mexico and Guatemala is the Usumacinta River, which flows through the humid equatorial forests. The north and the south of Mexico seem to be two different countries. Northern states are richer, neater, urbanized and industrialized. A small population of Indians live here, the majority of them lives in the south of the country and are mainly farmers. Besides modern agriculture, there still exist some pre-Columbian methods of farming. Due to the small groups of Indians living in Mexico, there are still some preserved rites and customs, while the middle urban classes adopted a western consumptive style of life.

Mexico has one of the richest fauna and flora in the world. It is an amazing place on earth with 30,000 kinds of plants, 500 different mammals and more than 1,000 species of birds. Some of them live only in Mexico. The secret of its diversity lies in many habitats like snow-covered volcanoes, deserts, tropical forests, not to mention the second- big coral reef in the world.