General Information

Tunisia is a republic located in on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa. It borders Algeria to the west and Libya to the east and south. It is a country with a very diverse landscape- from the one side it is surrounded by the range of the rocky mountains Atlas and from another side by the sandy region of Sahara. Due to its geographical location, the country belongs to the so called Maghreb Countries. It is the smallest country belonging to this group, because it has the area of only 164,000 km2 and a population of about 9 million. The majority of all Tunisians is Muslim (about 98%), which almost cannot be noticed in the tourist areas, because Tunisia is the most liberal Arab country. The capital city of Tunisia is Tunis, whose history is three thousand years old. The city is known for its wonderful architecture of historical monuments and many tourist attractions.

There is a European mean time in Tunisia (+1h GMT), but in summer it is a Western European Time. That is why, for the major part of a year, there is no time difference between Poland and Tunisia.

Official languages are Arabic and French. It is also possible to communicate in English and German in hotels without any problems.

The currency in Tunisia is Tunisian Dinar (TND). One Dinar is subdivided into 1000 units called millimes. Dinars cannot be brought into or out of the country. Polish currency is not exchangeable, so tourists must take Dollars or Euros.

Tunisia is an ideal place for relaxation for families with children as well as for individual tourists looking for some excitement and active possibilities of spending time.